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Well hello there, and welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

You’ve arrived at a little corner of the digital world made for the owner, manager, or entrepreneur who is overworked, overwhelmed, intimidated, or confused. It’s for the one who has to wear nearly every hat in the business or organization, and is struggling to handle the marketing – especially the digital marketing or the donor relations.

(Because, let’s face it, when push comes to shove, those are usually the first places to suffer when you’re overwhelmed, isn’t it?)

It's for the one who is struggling to get a basic grasp on digital marketing, trying to figure out how to use social media for business, or feeling lost in the world of donor relations.

Does this sound familiar to you
If any of what you’ve read so far describes you, or sounds even a little bit familiar…

The truth is, you can get past your fear or intimidation and cut through the overwhelm. You can learn the basics and set in place manageable steps to help you effectively market your business or organization. You can make sense of the fundamentals. And I'm here to help you do just that.

Let's clarify one thing: If you're already a skilled digital marketer, or if you're a donor relations champ, this probably is not what you're looking for. It’s created especially for those who are struggling and unsure how to proceed, for the beginners, for the novice.

If that's you, pull up a seat. Let's talk.

Yes! I'm in the rigth place and ready to take action.

Not sure if you're ready? That's okay! Check out my latest blog posts below!

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Your Year End Letter

I’m amazed when I find out that a non-profit isn’t in the habit of sending out a year-end letter.  In fact, I had come to assume that a year-end letter was just the norm for all non-profit organizations.  I was surprised to learn that that isn’t true.  So I have a few tips for the…

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